Images of the recently opened ( 4 Jan 2016) Death Railway Museum at Thanbyuzayat, located in Mon State, SE Myanmar. The museum is located at the former junction of the Death Railway from Thailand and the the Burma Railway which ran north from Thayetchaung to Moulmein.  Construction of the Death Railway commenced from here when approx 3000 Australian POW’s were shipped from Changi on Singapore Island to a point on the coast close to Thanbyuzayat. Following airfield and other civil work, railway construction commenced on 15 Sept 1942.

The Death Railway, from Thanbyuzayat in Burma to Ban Pong in Thailand was 415km in length. Constructing it were 60,000 POW’s, 180,000 Asians (Romusha) and approx 12,000 Japanese and Koreans. It was completed on 17 Oct 1943. The death toll was 6,904 British( including their servicemen of Asian origin), 2,802 Australians, 2,782 Dutch, 133 Americans and at least 90,000 recruited Asians.The Dutch had the best survival rate as many were from the Dutch East Indies such as Java and more used to the tropical conditions.


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