One of the island’s cottage industries is bamboo husk hat making. There is a ready source of bamboo on the island and of course plenty of demand for bamboo hats.  The hat making ladies were not working when we turned up as it was a Sunday. But the lady of the house indicated that she would demonstrate to us how a basic hat including a peak is cut out from 4 husks and initially held together.

We were naturally interested in the varying styles of island homes and the materials they were made from. Most were elevated to a degree with some being similar in ways to our older Queenslander homes.

We were invited inside this substantial home where we enjoyed a traditional Mon meal. The family who live there cater booked meals for tourists and run a local shop beneath. The small alcove with its blue roof and green window houses Buddha related religious items. A delicious meal prepared for us and the guide and note plenty of steamed rice. I stayed with the vegetables, lentils and rice, Kate and Ni Ni were a bit more adventurous.

Bilu Island Hat Making and Hospitality - 5

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